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Vigrx Pills ng realisations of the ultimate significance of things which I have described inadequately as Whitman s symbolism. Seeking to plumb the depths of passion, he found God. Sex became for him, in its essence, the potency of that Life wherein we are One. And comradeship, a passion as intense as that of sex, he beheld as the Vigrx Pills same relation between spiritual or therial bodies. 313 He was aware that the noblest of passions Vigrx Pills is the most liable to base misunderstandings. But in it alone the soul finds full freedom. Sex passion finds its proper expression in physical rites, it is the passion of the life in Time on the contrary, Vigrx Pills the passion of comrades is of eternity and only finds expression in Vigrx Pills Death. 314 This appears to have been Whitman s conviction. Yet another bundle follows Calamus a packet of more or less personal letters or messages called Messenger Leaves. In subsequent editi.ons they were sorted out into other sections. They are not all new but among those that now appear for the first time are Vigrx Pills the daring and noble lines to Jesus. My spirit to yours, dear brother, Do not mind bec

ause how to enlarge your peni naturally video many, sounding how to produce a bigger ejaculation your name, do not understand you, I do not best penis enlargement pill sound your name, but I understand you, there fake male enhancement are others also male enhancement benefits I specify you with joy, O my comrade, to salute you, and to salute those who are with you, before and since Vigrx Pills and those to come also, That we all labour together, transmitting the same Vigrx Pills charge and succession We few, equals, indifferent of lands, indifferent of times, We, enclosers of all continents, all castes allowers of all theologies, Compassionaters, perceivers, rapport of men, Pg 168 We walk silent among disputes and assertions, but reject not the disputers, nor anything that is asserted, Till we saturate Vigrx Pills time and eras, that the men and women of races, ages to come, may Vigrx Pills prove brethren and lovers, as we are. 315 Scattered through the Vigrx Pills generations so we may read his thought are those who have come into the cosmic conscious.ness or larger life, who have passed beyond the reach of time and of mere argument, and who therefore understand one another Vigrx Pills as others cannot understand them. The love and communion which exists between such Great Companions, is a pledg

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e and earnest of the Society of the Future, when all men shall be one, even as these are one. The thought may shock those to whom it comes suddenly, if they see in Whitman the mere man of their own narrow conception of humanity. But in judging him we must remember that he openly claims for himself and for other men all the Divine attributes which Christians are in the habit of ascribing to their Lord. Whitman believed that Jesus identified himself with Humanity and that all who enter, as he entered, into the Vigrx Pills cosmic life share in the fellowship of God, Vigrx Pills even as did he. More fully than many Christians, Whitman recognised Jesus Vigrx Pills as literally his elder brother he joined with him in the words Our Vigrx Pills Father, feeling them to be true. And as one reads the gospel narratives one ventures to believe that the Master who called the disci.ples his friends, would himself have been eager to welcome the assertion of such a relationship. Another letter 316 is to one about to die it is filled not with melancholy but with congratulation. The body that dies is but an Vigrx Pills excrement, the Self is Vigrx Pills eternal and

goes on into ever fuller sunlight. Another, Vigrx Pills 317 which has aroused perhaps more misunderstanding than anything which ride male enhancement pill Whitman wrote, is addressed to a prostitute. It hardly seems to call for Pg 169 explanation for it is Vigrx Pills like the simple offering of the hand of friendship to an outcast Vigrx Pills the assertion that for her, too, Whitman s living eternal comradeship is real and close, accompanied by the injunction that she be worthy of such friendship. He writes to rich givers 318 in the Franciscan spirit for he that is willing to give all, can you get testicular epididymis from male enhancement pills size genix pill is able to accept. To a pupil do male enhancement pills really work 319 he suggests that personality is Vigrx Pills the tool of all good work and usefulness. To be how to use hydromax x30 magnetic is to be great. Come then and first become Vigrx Pills yourself. But it is impossible even to refer in Vigrx Pills passing to all the separate poems, each one with its Vigrx Pills living s.uggest

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